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Case Studies

Development of Security and Emergency Response Plans

A start-up airline engaged Global Elite Group to develop a Security Program and Emergency Response Plan to address these core issues and ensure compliance with local and international regulations. Global was engaged to develop and implement these programs from the ground up and worked closely with airline executives to develop plans that would work efficiently and effectively with the carrier's planned route network, organizational considerations and future growth. Both the Security Program and Emergency Response Plan were successfully implemented and received approval from the required regulatory authorities. The project includes ongoing training of personnel, coordination of regular drills and exercises and updates as the carrier adds additional destinations. Global also forms a key component of the carrier's Emergency Response Plan if activated in providing support in the response to an incident.

Crisis Management Services for a Large Energy Company

One of the largest energy companies in the US was concerned about their emergency preparedness posture in the event of an incident at one of its plants and turned to Global Emergency Management for assistance. Global conducted a thorough assessment of the organization's emergency response plans, evaluated the capacity to respond to a crisis and assessed its state of readiness at plant level. Global also conducted an in-depth analysis of the capabilities of external emergency responders and how these would collaborate with the organization's response. We worked closely with employees at all levels and were able to assist in mitigating threats, reducing exposure and strengthening the organization's ability to respond to and recover from an undesired event.

Security in High Risk Location

A multi-national corporation was establishing an operation in a high risk African country and sought advice from the Global Elite Group due to security concerns. Global conducted a multi-faceted risk assessment of the planned operation and worked with the client to address security concerns. We were able to resolve all concerns through the development and implementation of a corporate and location-specific security program. In addition to the creation of the program, the project included security training of client employees, provision of armed security personnel, emergency response, business continuity, evacuation and repatriation of expatriate employees. The project remains ongoing with active threat monitoring through the Global Threat Monitoring Center and deployment of armed personnel in-country.

Security Strengthening for a Diplomatic Mission

The National Government of a Middle East country contacted Global Security Associates expressing concern about the security posture of one of its primary representation facilities in the US. Global conducted a thorough assessment and survey of the facility to identify vulnerabilities that existed. Global developed and oversaw the implementation of a comprehensive security strategy for the client to address multiple facets including creation of security policies and procedures; training of security personnel; enhancement of access control systems; implementation of surveillance and counter-surveillance capabilities and implementation of an emergency response plan.

Rapid Response Security for Major Healthcare Provider

Global was contacted by one of the world's largest healthcare companies to provide security support during and after Hurricane Katrina. On short notice, Global was able to assemble and deploy over 100 armed security personnel to affected areas and provide security for hospitals and employees. Through its Command Center, Global was able to coordinate all activities with the client and local/state/federal officials to ensure that employees and assets were protected. Global teams on the ground utilizing advanced technology for communications were able to feedback critical information allowing Global to make real-time recommendations to the client on deployment of assets and implementation of security countermeasures. The excellent response to this incident resulted in us being retained by the clients to provide rapid response security to the client for over 300 facilities. Since Hurricane Katrina, the client has deployed Global teams numerous times to provide support.