Global Elite Group - Specializing in Worldwide Protective Services


Global Elite Group provides a variety of customized loss prevention programs as part of our retail security solutions. We offer these services for two specific reasons:

  1. To help provide a safe working and shopping environment, and
  2. To help store management teams reduce losses.

We can help you develop a customized loss prevention program to identify how losses are occurring, minimize the exposure to loss and deter / detect suspected perpetrators.

With our large network, Global Elite Group can work with you to develop solutions on a local, regional or national level. We’ll assign you a National Account Manager, so you’ll only need to work with a single point of contact to manage all aspects of the program.

Looking for on-site security agents or guard patrols? All our security officers have the necessary knowledge and experience to work in any area of retail security, from shopping centers and retail parks to individual stores.

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